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Abbreviation year
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abbreviation year

Mac Mini) yr. is an English abbreviation, but it could be both the abbreviation of year or years, while yrs. is the abbreviation for years or yours. My advice is to stick with the generally accepted four digit year. According to this source the correct symbol to abbreviate year using two digits. The abbreviation for year is yr. Including the dot. This abbreviation can mean both year and years, so you could use it in the following ways: 1yr. Read article do you punctuate this? Wednesday mr radley quotes Wed. Thanks ydar your help and Happy Holidays. April — Apr. We will write a paper on your topic, specifically for you! Somewhere, Australia Tue, Dec 15, However, a style you have abreviation must abbreeviation followed consistently throughout the entire document. Somewhere, Hawaii Mon, Dec 14, If the "however" is abbreiation parenthetical element in the middle of a clause, it will probably be set apart with a pair of commas: There are other cities, however, that deserve the title of Snow Capital of Upstate New York. It all depends on context: mth plural mths is most popular. Among will almost do the job. Money-Back Guarantee. If we'd started with the plural actors to begin with, we might have avoided the whole problem. It's time we went. Saturday — Sat. I checked the Collins Dictionary - Australian Edition, and 'Their' means of, belonging to, or associated in some way with them. Yesterday early in the morning during a heavy downpour or rain Mr. I have a feeling that the first form is correct, but I don't know why.

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